Otitis: Causes and proper treatment Otitis: Causes and proper treatment

Otitis: Causes and proper treatment

Little giants 4 January, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

After viral upper respiratory infections, otitis is the most common condition among children. Learn what affects it can have in children and how to treat it.

The Otorhinolaryngology Association of Spain defines otitis as inflammation of the middle ear. While it normally evolves without complications, in some cases, this inflammation can be chronic.

Understanding the causes

The Pediatrics Association of Spain (AEP) estimates that by age five, over 90% of children will have had acute otitis media and 30% will experience recurrences up through age seven.

Some of the main causes include:

  •       Moisture in the ear canal
  •       Swimming in contaminated water
  •       Injury to the area
  •       Upper respiratory infections (colds)
  •       Excess production of mucus and saliva when teething (in babies)

Common symptoms

  •       Pain in the ear
  •       Fever
  •       Vertigo
  •       Otorrhea (liquid in the ear)

The webpage at the University of Navarra Clinic in Spain encourages parents to go to the doctor once they detect their children are experiencing symptoms that may related to this infection. This “can help prevent most of the consequences of otitis as well as more serious complications as an adult, such as acute chronic otitis media,” the university webpage states.

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