Our colon’s health influences our emotions Our colon’s health influences our emotions

The functioning of this organ is related to our emotions. Taking care of it is fundamental to improving your life quality.

As explained by Nutritionist Dr. Sandra Alfaro, ascribed to Coomeva Prepaid Medicine, the intestine is considered our “second brain” due to the nervous connections that constitute it. When this organ does not receive the nutrients necessary its functioning, it damages the bacterial flora in charge of decomposing the food.  This deteriorates the colon’s functioning and produces anxiety in the person. Likewise, stress can unleash an Irritable Colon Syndrome according to Mayo Clinic, nevertheless, it is not the definitive cause of the illness but it does worsen the symptoms. Anxiety and depression are therefore, related to complications of the colon.

Recommendations for taking care of this nervous and digestive center:

  •   Prefer ingredients of a natural origin.
  •   Follow a balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables.
  •   Take foods containing fiber and probiotics.
  •   Drink water throughout the day.
  •   Reduce excessive intake of alcohol.

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