Overcome the fear of leaving the house Overcome the fear of leaving the house

With activity starting up again, many people are afraid to go outside, for various reasons. Here are some keys to overcoming that fear.

With the resumption of several industries’ operations outside the home, another kind of fear and psychological factor affecting people who have gotten used to spending long amounts of time in confinement has been identified. Psychologists call it cabin syndrome, and it affects children as well as adults and the elderly.

For psychotherapist Luis Muiño, who works for the entiendetumente.info website, cabin syndrome is borne out of the safety people feel in the comfort of their homes and the decreased desire to go outside for fear of different threats. “This happens because the human body adapts to new circumstances and then it is change that becomes difficult,” Muiño says.

Psychologist Tatiana González points out that fear and anxiety are emotions that can cause distress, but we need to understand that they arise out of our body’s defense mechanism. In order to overcome these emotions, we must “let them run their course, accept them, and recognize them in order to let them work and to know how to experience them in the way that is healthiest for our lives.”

There are a number of characteristic behaviors that indicate someone is suffering from cabin syndrome, including anxiety and fear of getting infected outside, recurring obsessive and negative thoughts about going out, and sweating or physical changes that occur upon finding out that they have to go somewhere else.

According to Mónica González, the Spanish site’s life coach, “some people now feel completely safe staying at home and understand the threats that lie outside of it.”  The expert notes that in this case it is very important to see a specialist and make gradual changes at your own pace and without putting pressure on yourself. You have to be able to think about and associate positive, pleasant feelings with outside activities that you once enjoyed in order to reduce the fear of going out, little by little.

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