Pain and injuries in the groin Pain and injuries in the groin

The groin is the area located on either side of the body in the folds where the abdomen meets the legs. The pubic area is located between these folds.

As the Mayo Clinic indicates, at some point in their life, most people are likely to have a minor problem in their groin either as the result of playing a sport, performing a work routine or from housework. This type of injury is generally categorized as:

  • A severe injury: This can be caused by a direct hit, a puncture wound, a fall or by bending the leg in an abnormal position. Strains or tears in the groin muscle may also occur when exercising or when lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects.
  • Overuse: This occurs when there is too much tension in an area and is likely to happen when you perform the same activity day after day. Overuse can cause muscle strains or tears and may cause swelling.
  • Avulsion fractures: These happen when a force causes a tendon or a ligament to separate from a bone. It mostly affects teenage athletes who participate in sports that involve jumping, kicking, running or getting through obstacles.

It is important to keep in mind that infections can produce one or more lumps or inflammation in the groin area. These can get bigger and hurt if there is an infection. If an infection is minor, swelling may last a few days and go away by itself.

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