Pain relief when you are ovulating Pain relief when you are ovulating

Pain occurs normally in the middle of women’s intermenstrual cycle, during ovulation or when the ovule is growing inside the ovaries.

Intermenstrual pain is lower abdominal pain that occurs on just one side of the abdomen. While it is not serious, and does not require immediate medical attention, it can cause discomfort for some women if it interferes with their daily activities.

According to the  Mayo Clinic, in addition to painkillers and birth control pills to treat this pain (birth control pills are prescribed in certain cases to treat the symptoms of ovulating) there are also some home remedies that can have almost immediate effects. For example, taking a bath or putting a hot compress on your abdomen can work, as this helps to relax the muscles, decrease cramping and increase the blood flow in this area. If the pain persists, the suggestion is to see your doctor and know when your last two menstrual cycles were.

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