Pioneers in biometric authentication Pioneers in biometric authentication

By using new mobile devices with fingerprint recognition, access to health services  is modernizing.

The over 368 thousand members of Coomeva Private Healthcare will now be the first to experience the company’s new modern technology process: mobile biometric authentication devices. The installation of these devices will make it easier for users to access different health services at outpatient visits.

Between the end of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, thousands of doctor’s offices and clinics throughout the country will be set up with new devices that can recognize the fingerprints of patients. These devices will integrate and streamline their information, allowing for a more effective and secure service. This new technology aims to minimize waiting times for service requests, as well as their verification and authorization processes.

The use of this technology makes Coomeva Private Healthcare a pioneer in Colombia’s health sector. By using mobile biometric authentication devices, this innovative approach is a great step forward: it implements the use of an application tailored to meet the needs of members to get their health services authorized, improves the value Coomeva Private Healthcare offers by modernizing the way health services are accessed, streamlines the processes for members in receiving services, decreases waiting periods for making requests and minimizes paperwork with providers.

By implementing integrated, streamlined, safe, accurate and reliable processes for the health services of its members, this technology is a tremendous contribution to the modernization and technological progress of Colombia’s health system.