Playing a musical instrument is good for your brain Playing a musical instrument is good for your brain

Playing an instrument keeps the brain sharp, improves brain structure and function, and improves long-term memory.

According to a study published in The Huffington Post, playing an instrument can make children smarter and stimulate their brains. In adults, to a certain extent this practice can help put a stop to some of the effects aging has on the brain.
According to experts, “Playing a musical instrument is one of the most efficient ways to stimulate intelligence and train different levels of the brain. This practice requires the involvement of different parts of the body, part of why it has been proven to improve mobility, foster psychomotor development, influence behavior and facilitate the development of memory and language.”
Learning to play an instrument makes us use different areas of the brain, such as those involving memory, logic and mobility, for example. In fact, this activity requires our hands and fingers to move as well as our coordination and attention. Music increases the brain’s ability to adapt and change, improving neuroplasticity. The following video shows some of the other benefits of playing an instrument.