The polio vaccine before travel: When is it necessary? The polio vaccine before travel: When is it necessary?

While polio has been eradicated in most countries, it remains in four countries: India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.
While there is no cure for this disease, a vaccine against it has existed for over 60 years and the recommendation is for it to be administered during early childhood.

Those who have scheduled trips during this travel season to regions that are considered risk zones, such as those previously mentioned, are at the greatest risk of infection.

According to the recommendations of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, people who have never been administered the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) should receive three doses in order to be properly protected: the first dose can be administered at any time, the second should be administered between one to two months after the first, and the third between 6 to 12 months after the second.

If you were already vaccinated or if you were vaccinated as a child, you will need a booster shot.

Prior to traveling, determine whether your destination requires this vaccine. While this disease may not exist in a country, some require travelers to show a certificate of vaccination to enter.