Pollen, a super food? Pollen, a super food?

This is a plant natural substance and accumulates in the legs and organs of the bees, different from honey and real jelly, that is extracted from the honeycomb.

 The web site Medlineplus explains that it is common that people include such food in their diet as a stimulant of appetite, and also expecting to have more energy, and improving gastrointestinal diseases, as well as the premenstrual syndrome, rhinitis, prostate diseases, among other conditions. In addition, the use of this food has spread for treating hangover as a diuretic.

Is the pollen as effective as thought? Up to now, there is not sufficient clinical evidences that indicate that its enzymes contribute to any specific treatment. The

Natural Drug Database  qualifies this substance as “potentially efficacious” for all the above-mentioned affections. Therefore, although it is not harmful to consume it, is not a super food and has no benefic implications for the health.

 It is important that those with allergy to this product abstain from consuming I, because in these cases could suffer a severe reaction, even anaphylaxis, that produces asphyxia and is very risky for life.

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