Practice self-care all the time Practice self-care all the time

With these measures, keep your airways healthy and prevent Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI).

Even if it is just a flu, it is important to take care of yourself properly, but it is even better to anticipate it with some prevention guidelines. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection understands Acute Respiratory Infections as illnesses that are produced in the airways caused by viruses and bacteria. They can last at least two weeks and are common around the world.
Colds and the majority of these infections are usually mild, but they can have complications, such as pneumonia. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you have difficulty breathing, chest pain, malaise and excessive tiredness, and a fever for more than two days.

Prevention methods
-For children and adults, it is important to have all your vaccines up to date.
-Keep your house and office clean, and make sure the rooms are ventilated.
-Wash your hands with soap and water several times per day, before eating, and after going to the bathroom.
-Keep your distance from those who have a cold or cough, and avoid direct contact.
-Keep away from cigarette smoke, vaporizers, or other devices that emit smoke.

When you have an infection
-cover your nose and mouth from sudden temperature changes.
-Try to use a mask.
-Cough and sneeze in a tissue, covering your nose and mouth, and then wash your hands.
-Stay hydrated. Consume hot drinks, such as teas and herbal teas with honey to help improve your cough.
-If possible, avoid going to crowded events, school, or work.
-Do not take antibiotics or cough syrup unless they have been prescribed by a doctor.

Source: Infographics and Ministry of Health website, Sub-directorate of Communicable Diseases

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