Precaution with sugar in baby feeding Precaution with sugar in baby feeding

Most child foods, especially those ultra-processed, contain a large amount of this ingredient. 

 So was determined by two studies made by the World Health Organization (WHO), quoted by the science and health news agency, Sinc. These studies state that complementary foods should not be considered for nursing babies younger than six months, because around a third part of these products contain sugar, concentrated fruit juice and other sweeteners and ingredients that reinforce the flavor and don’t contain nutrients.

 It is important to know that fruits and vegetables contain this ingredient in a natural form, which is suitable for the little ones, while those foods with added sugar add unnecessary calories and increase their preference for sweet items. The recommendation made by the World Health Organization is that during the first six months of life, the babies should only be breast fed, and also verify very well before giving them any food. “A good nutrition in childhood is basic for assuring an optimum growth and development of little ones, as well as to obtain better results later, such as preventing overweight, obesity and non-transmissible diseases related to diet”, comments Zsuzsanna Jakab, Regional Director of the WHO for Europe. 


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