Prepare your children for being subject to medical exams Prepare your children for being subject to medical exams

Your accompaniment to your children in these medical procedures is vital for reducing anxiety in children.

The web site Medlineplus, from the United States National Medicine Library, offers some recommendations for attending the medical exams of the little ones.

  •  Although you prepare your child, he/she will cry, you should be aware of this. Try to remain quiet for avoiding stress to the child and making him/her more nervous.
  • Try to explain your little one the process using a game, in a simple language he/she can understand. Assure the child understands what part of his/her body will be affected by the exam, and if any change will occur; be honest.
  • Try to emphasize the benefits of the procedure, such as the fact of feeling better and return home after. You can offer your little one an invitation after the exam, without conditioning him/her to behave well during the exam.
  • Without any doubt, your presence will help the little one during the process, especially if the exam allows you both to maintain a physical contact.

Take into account

In some cases, it is possible that the child has to be immobilized, as he/she doesn’t have physical control or capacity to attend the orders given by adults. If this happens, tying him/her will be for his/her security and comfort. It is also very feasible that your child opposes to the procedure and try to scape, tackling him/her in a firm and direct manner by you and the medical personnel can be useful.

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