Prevent respiratory disease in premature babies Prevent respiratory disease in premature babies

Respiratory syncytial virus is one of the conditions that most commonly affects infants who are born prematurely. 

This condition can bring on infections in the respiratory tract and in the lungs, which can even lead to bronchitis or pneumonia. It is therefore important to prevent the occurrence of this virus, common during the rainy season and in homes or places where there are a lot of people.

Specialists recommend that the parents of premature babies avoid having their child be in constant contact with many people, whether they are family members, friends or other children. “It is also important to take preventative measures such as washing hands, not exposing them to severe weather conditions and avoiding their exposure to cigarette smoke,” states José María Solano, president of the Colombian Neonatology Association (Asociación Colombiana de Neonatología, Ascon).

See your pediatrician to prevent serious complications if any of the following symptoms appear: high fever, drowsiness, runny nose, continuous drainage, dehydration or difficulty breathing.

Up to 30% of premature babies are hospitalized because of this virus.