Prevent rotator cuff injuries Prevent rotator cuff injuries

Prevent rotator cuff injuries

Prevention 30 November, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

Pain in your shoulder when getting dressed, brushing your hair or raising up your hands can all be signs of a rotator cuff injury. 

One of the regions in the body that are most easily injured are the muscles and tendons located in the shoulders, also known as the rotator cuff. Shoulder pain is the third cause of musculoskeletal pain according to the guidance manual published by the Mexican Social Security Institute.

The injuries that occur in this part of the body are generally the result of a serious rupture caused by an accident, fall, overexertion or by the natural deterioration of the body over the years. This rupture can also be caused by microtraumas, which are produced by repetitive movements that affect the joint, common in people that perform activities where they must continually lift their arms up on a daily basis or with those that practice sports such as volleyball, weightlifting, tennis or swimming.

Tips for preventing rotator cuff damage:

  • Maintain the proper shoulders posture.
  • Always stretch after doing exercise or repetitive movements that involve the rotator cuff.
  • Sleep on your back or on the side of the shoulder that does not bother you.
  • Avoid carrying bags or heavy items on just one shoulder.
  • Avoid repetitive activities that involve moving your elbows above your shoulders. For those who have a job or practice a sport that makes this necessary, it is important for you to do exercises that help you to strengthen the surrounding muscles and tendons and, in some cases, go to physical therapy.
  • In exercises that require lifting weights, avoid very strong movements as these tendons are receiving more pressure than usual and can injure easily.

Symptoms of a rotator cuff injury include: pain when lifting your arm to your side, a loss of strength in this area and difficulty moving your arm.