Preventing obesity for the health of your kidneys Preventing obesity for the health of your kidneys

Held on March 12, the goal of World Kidney Day is to create awareness about the negative consequences obesity has on kidney disease. 

High blood pressure and diabetes are the two main factors related to developing this disease, which at first tends to be silent and whose symptoms are often not noticed until they have reached a very advanced stage.

The Renal Research and Assistance Foundation of Argentina (Finaer) explains that behind the two previously mentioned risk factors, there is an important trigger that increases the chances of both conditions and worsens kidney disease when it has already been diagnosed: obesity.

“Evidence shows that obesity is also a significant risk factor for developing chronic kidney disease (CKD) end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Both indirectly as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases become more serious and directly through the increased work-load on the kidney,” states Finaer’s webpage.

It is therefore important to lead a healthy lifestyle in which physical activity and proper nutrition are the foundations for preventing obesity and, consequently, kidney disease. As the foundation explains, acute renal injury is more common in obese people, “By reducing obesity, you can revert or slow the progress of chronic kidney disease.”

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