Preventing violence at school starts at home Preventing violence at school starts at home

Preventing violence at school starts at home

Small giants 5 February, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

January 30 celebrates the School Day of Non-violence and Peace. Its main objective is to work towards an education based on tolerance, solidarity and peace.

Established by UNICEF in 1993, this day aims for classrooms to be ideal places to live together as a community where children and youth can express themselves freely and lead healthy academic relationships.

For many countries, both physical as well as psychological violence is a reality and a determining factor in dropout rates. In the worst cases, it can lead to disease or child deaths.

The goal is for all of us to contribute to creating these violent-free spaces in different social environments. The responsibility does not lie solely with educational institutes. The upbringing that families impart on their children has an important role in how they relate to others at school. Keeping a careful eye on them, maintaining an open dialogue and a relationship that is based on trust will help identify any problem or bullying that a child may be a victim of. This is important for addressing the issue before it is too late and for preventing more serious repercussions.

As part of the support that children and youth receive for school, it is also important to teach them the best way to respond to bullying, where responding with more violence is not the answer.

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