Private healthcare, benefits you can access easily Private healthcare, benefits you can access easily

Having access to a clinical network and being able to choose the healthcare institute where you want to be treated are two of the benefits of Voluntary Insurance that other healthcare plans do not offer.

Through the conveniences that private healthcare services offer, Voluntary Insurance programs are designed to provide people with special protection in the case of an unexpected health issue.

Coomeva Private Healthcare offers a variety of products that can meet the different expectations, budgets and needs of its affiliates. It has a variety of programs that range from covering babies during a pregnancy to others that meet the needs of the elderly. It also offers in-home medical and pre-hospital care as well as oral health programs. See also Private Healthcare from your pocket.

When discussing some of the benefits of having private healthcare, those that are most often mentioned include having access to a clinical network where patients can freely and directly select and visit the specialists they want to see and, get treatment at the institution of their choice. Together with the specialized attention available, this leaves patients feeling comfortable.

Understanding the differences

One of the main differences between regular policies and private healthcare, is how the annual increase of fees are calculated. Health insurance policies are based on the individual and collective accident rates of an affiliate. It is similar, for example, to how car insurance works: the greater the rate of accidents, the greater one’s rate will increase in the following term. The rates for private healthcare are determined by specific groups such as age and the general risk factors of a population.

Another difference lies in the monitoring bodies that oversee each of these. Healthcare policies are governed by the Superintendence of Finance, which focuses on the financial evaluation of a product, and the types of system and model it uses. Private healthcare is governed by the Superintendence of Health, which focuses on quality and service provision. Depending on individual and family situations, each user should select the alternative that best fits their needs, as even within the voluntary healthcare insurance market, there are various options to choose from.