Probiotics against cholesterol Probiotics against cholesterol

 Researchers from the Universidad de Vigo discovered a new type of probiotic, capable of reducing cholesterol levels.

This is a probiotic beverage created from the remains of the preparation of the orujo (liquor) made from bilberries, meaning that derivates from the fermentation of the remains of said fruit. This new type of probiotic food is capable of eliminating cholesterol up to 67.17%.

In this finding and preparation participated some specialists from the Nutrition and Feeding Science in the Universidad de Vigo, in collaboration with a team from the Ocean University of Chine, and their study was published on the magazine Food Chemical Toxicology. In addition to the capacity of this probiotic to reduce high cholesterol lipid levels in blood, due to its anthocyanin content, the experts found that this beverage has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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