Problems with your ear? Inquire about the Meniere disease Problems with your ear? Inquire about the Meniere disease

It is not known exactly what its cause is, but it is generally related to the accumulation of liquid into the inner ear.

Although it can be problematic, this pathology is not contagious or fatal, however, the Portal explains that this is a chronic affection with frequent or sporadic attacks that can last from 20 minutes to two hours. It occurs especially in one ear, but can occur in both.

The symptoms of this kind of crisis include dizziness, a sensation of blocked ear and tinnitus (humming). The dizziness can then produce balance problems and make the patient to feel instable to walk. As a result of this sensation, some patients transpire, feel nausea and vomit during the episode. A hearing loss could also occur, especially with low tone sounds.

Hearing tests, blood analysis, a magnetic resonance or computer tomography and other especial methods that analyze balance, are used for diagnosis. Following a recommended diet low in salt, not consuming alcohol, caffeine or tobacco, are some tips that control this disease. It is also necessary to take into account that stress can cause it, and then controlling the stress is very important to prevent this disease.

Take into account

Inform your relatives, friends and work mates if you suffer this disease, for them to help you in the even a dizziness or unbalance occur.

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