Processed meals add calories to your diet Processed meals add calories to your diet

A study made by the United States’ Health National Institute, confirmed the direct connection existing between the consumption of processed foods and the increase of calories ingested.

Due to difficulty of examining the feed habits of each individual, until now it had been difficult to link the increase in the intake of processed foods with the current obesity epidemy around the world. However, the scientific news agency Sinc reported that some investigations made by specialists from the United States’ Health National Institute found that people gained much more weigh with diets containing ultra-processed foods than with diets that didn’t include them, even when both coincided in their quantities of fat, carbohydrates, salt and sugar.

The metabolic tests revealed that the participants in this study who followed the first diet expended more energy than those who fed with not-processed foods, but not sufficient for compensating the higher number of calories they consumed. Likewise, they detected that the main factors of preference for these processed foods are easy preparation and low prices.

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