Professionalism in service Professionalism in service

Professionalism in service

CORPORATE 30 June, 2016 María Alejandra Tavera

The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor of San Martin, Emil Lee, visited Cali, Bogota and Medellin to experience first hand the healthcare services offered by Coomeva Medicina Prepagada to his fellow citizens.

For more than 20 years Coomeva Medicina Prepagada has extended its commitment to service and health care to international markets. Since then, our company has held agreements with countries such as Curacao, St. Maarten, Bes Islands (Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius), Trinidad and Tobago, among other Caribbean countries, as well as the United States, offering high-level health care plans in high technical and professional quality healthcare institutions throughout Colombia.

The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor of San Martin, Emil Lee, visited Cali, Bogota and Medellin last April in order to witness first-hand the services, hospital infrastructure and counseling services that Coomeva Medicina Prepagada offers his fellow citizens. During his tour, Lee visited clinics, hotels, the international Coomeva center of each city, he spoke with medical staff and experienced the support and service that almost 500 citizens of San Martin who visited the country during 2015 received.

Patient experience

“The instructions I gave Coomeva were that I wanted to be treated as a SZV patient (Social Security in San Martin). I wanted to experience exactly what our people feel when they are referred to Colombia, what the ground transportation, hotels, and medical services are like”, said the official. After his experience, the Minister expressed his satisfaction with the care and services provided: “Coomeva was very professional, transparent and gave me all the information I requested. The quality of their services seems excellent, many of their hospitals have international accreditation, and many of their doctors were trained internationally. Overall, my experience was very positive”, he said.

At the end of his visit, Emil Lee highlighted Coomeva Medicina Prepagada’s ability to provide health care services for his community and also advised that some areas still need improvement, which will be the focus of our countries’ joint work in the short term.

Thus, Coomeva Medicina Prepagada has managed to capture international markets and transcend borders through its high quality standards, as well as its comprehensive voluntary plans, confirming once again that Colombia is an ideal destination for holistic tourism and health services.