Promote safe environments in your work place Promote safe environments in your work place

Achieving safe and healthy work surroundings also depends on the employee, who is called to act if he/she finds inconsistencies therein that can affect his/her health.

The Work International Organization provides some recommendations that should be taken into account at the time of performing any role.

  • Review, on a frequent basis, the work habits in order to detect potential performances that can give rise to risks.
  • The exits, transit areas, evacuation ways and the different spaces should always be maintained clear of objects and liquids or slippery substances. Avoid storing objects at such locations.
  • Using work tools and equipment suitable for the work performed and for the purpose they have been designed. Following the instructions and never withdraw the protection or annul the security devices from the equipment.
  • Using or wearing the individual protection equipment (gloves, hulk, hearing protectors) necessary for protecting against the risks a worker is exposed to.

Take into account

  1. Do not overcharge an electric installation.
  2. Do not store or handle flammable products close to a heat source.
  3. Do not smoke, eat or drink liquids if you work with chemical products or if you are exposed to biological contaminants.

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