Protect your eyes from screen use Protect your eyes from screen use

Spending more time at home has also led people to use mobile devices more often, which may cause visual health complications. Learn how to prevent this.

After waking up, the first thing you look at is the screen on your cellphone, then you spend a minimum of eight hours working on your computer screen, not counting the time you spend chatting with others or time spent relaxing in front of the TV screen. All of this exposes your eyes to a number of complications if the appropriate care to prevent it is not taken.

Fatigue, blurred vision, watery eyes, or irritation of the eyes are the first symptoms that appear after excessive exposure to screen light without protection, something that, according to Consuelo Niño, an optometrist specializing in vision rehabilitation, can be prevented with the following exercises:

Blinking more often: Rapidly blink six times by softly closing the eyes, rest, and repeat for one minute.

Distance vision: When focusing on screens while working, take a break and look at something more than 13 feet away for five seconds, then continue with your work.

 Blocking out light: Press the palms of your hands together, then rub them until you feel heat and place them over your closed eyes, keeping light from getting in for as long as it takes you to take seven deep breaths.

According to MedlinePlus, it is also important to get frequent eye check-ups, as there are other kinds of conditions that do not present symptoms, and in order to prevent other kinds of complications, your doctor will weigh the benefit of using glasses that protect against the light given off by screens.

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