Protect your eyes from the sun with the right glasses Protect your eyes from the sun with the right glasses

Not every type of lens or frame ensures proper eye protection from the sun’s rays. Here we give you more details about this.

Sight is one of the most delicate senses in the face of external factors, among which the sun turns out to be one of the most harmful. According to the Consejo General de Colegios Ópticos-Optometristas (CGCOO), exposure to sunny conditions can increase the risk of eye injury by 25%.

The ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun can burn the retina or cause greater evaporation of tears, causing the sensation of dry eye. For this reason, the CGCOO recommends using eyedrops or artificial tears to lubricate the eye, avoiding tanning or sunbathing during the peak hours of the day, and using quality sunglasses that effectively block UV radiation.

Why use them and how to choose them?

According to a report published by EFE Salud, when choosing a pair of sunglasses, you must ensure “that they are approved to protect against UVA rays, which are responsible for cellular ageing, and UVB rays, which are linked to skin cancer and burns.”

According to the publication, frequently wearing sunglasses outdoors is a good habit to have, whether you are working, driving, doing sports, walking, or doing any type of activity in the sun, since solar radiation affects the eyes and skin around them even on cloudy days.

It is important to note that children, people with light eyes, those who have undergone cataract surgery or people with an eye disorder such as glaucoma, are the groups who are most vulnerable to eye injuries and it is recommended they be especially careful.