Protect your family from chemicals found in the home Protect your family from chemicals found in the home

Children, adults and pets may be vulnerable to accidents if items with strong active ingredients in them are not stored or handled well.

If left unkept in the home, products as common as cleaning and beauty products, medications, disinfectants, poisons, paint, glues, repellants, or fuel -among others- can lead to intoxications, health problems or burns.

To avoid these accidents and create a family-healthy environment, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia offers the following recommendations:

  • Show and explain children what items they cannot touch and why they are dangerous. For greater safety, store them in a place they cannot access.
  • Place flammable liquids far away from the home’s living areas and from areas where combustion occurs (stove, oven, water heaters, etc.).
  • Be sure that the gaskets of household items are in perfect condition and that there are no gas leaks.
  • Pesticides should be stored far from sources of water or places where flooding occurs to prevent contaminating the environment.
  • Read labels, and follow user instructions and safety recommendations. Use gloves or protective eyewear when necessary.
  • Do not store chemical products in food containers as this may confuse others who may mistake them for food and ingest them.

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