Protecting your ankles Protecting your ankles

How to take care of your ankles, especially after an injury.

Sometimes, a simple sprain can mean long-term joint pain and weakness. As orthopedic surgeon Ramón Navarro explains in an interview with EFE Salud, 20% of ankle sprains do not heal properly.

To prevent this from happening, the NorthShore Health System in  Chicago recommends doing simple rehabilitation exercises to strengthen these joints after a sprain.

  • Sitting in a chair, with your foot on the floor, move your knee slowly from side to side while pressing your foot flat on the floor. Hold for 2 minutes.
  • Draw the letters of the alphabet with your toes 1 to 3 times.
  • Also in a seated position, place your feet on top of a towel on the floor and try to curl it up with your toes. Repeat several times.

 Keep in mind

As the Mayo Clinic  recommends, avoid using elements like ankle weights while walking or doing other exercises, as this increases your risk for injury.

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