Protecting your skin from air conditioning Protecting your skin from air conditioning

Protecting your skin from air conditioning

Before 7 August, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

To protect your skin from air conditioning and prevent it from drying out, consider the following recommendations.

Doctors Mar Mira and Sofía Ruiz del Cueto from the Clínica Mira+Cueto have offered us the following suggestions:

  1. Drink water: Drink two liters of water under normal conditions. When you are exposed to air conditioning, however, this amount should be increased; even when you are not thirsty, it is best to drink more water than normal.
  2. Get in the habit of washing your hands and face: Avoid using scented soaps or bar soap. Instead, use liquid soap, especially if they contain lactic acid which gives the skin a glow and leaves it smooth. When you dry your face, it is best to not rub it brusquely; instead, give your face a gentle, light pat with a towel.
  3. Use refreshing, light lotions: Another way to protect the skin is to apply a light and refreshing lotion. This calms and deeply hydrates all your pores. Avoid lotions that contain alcohol in them.
  4. Eat foods with antioxidants in them: It is important to not let the skin get too dry. Eating fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts and green tea can help prevent this.

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