Put creativity into action Put creativity into action

What would life be like without creative abilities? In any circumstance, this is an engine of transformation and a possibility to expand potential.

Óscar Hernández Becerra – Industrial designer, teacher of Strategic Thought and Prospective. Luz Marina Vélez Jiménez – Anthropologist, MA in Philosophy.

Being alive is a condition that allows human beings to recreate themselves. Each activity done by individuals is full of creativity: without this innate, inevitable, and universal power, human beings would not know anything and could not do anything.

These peaks make the picture very clear: at any moment in life, whether during calm periods or in those times of movement, change, or even crisis, creativity is the force that pushes action, that motivates the imagination and that calls for reinvention.

“Creativity develops the ability to solve problems and to take advantage of opportunities. It is a different vision that allows the challenges and the whole process of creating ideas to be addressed in a broader way,” explains Óscar Hernández Becerra, head of the Laboratory of Prospective Creativity of the Colegiatura Colombiana.

So, in times of crisis, what about creativity? Luz Marina Vélez Jiménez, head of the Creative Intervention Laboratory for Conscious Transformation, from the Colegiatura Colombiana, responds with examples taken from history: “Anne Frank, while hiding from the Nazis, wrote her famous diary. Beethoven, despite being deaf, wrote masterpieces of world music. Da Vinci, in order not to be censured by the Inquisition, astutely found ways to continue his anatomy studies on cadavers without being detected. Gandhi suffered discrimination because of his origin and skin color, and was able to graduate as a lawyer in Great Britain; and Marco Fidel Suárez, without having money, attended classes through a window at school and eventually became the president of Colombia.”

Learning something new or looking at it from different perspectives helps us find solutions or experience everyday life in a different way. Thanks to the multiple possibilities of the virtual universe, many people are dedicated to learning about thousands of knowledge items that are open and available to everyone. Others wish to go to the essence, to themselves, to return to what generates peace and wellbeing. Or as famous writers say through their greatest works, for those imprisoned voluntarily or involuntarily, it left them with creative freedom.

Logbook to explore it

Anthropologist Luz Marina Vélez Jiménez designed a logbook for creative exploration, a tool to stimulate creativity as a daily challenge. The exploration of self-creativity, she explains, implies determination and courage, “a swaying between memory and imagination, a process of observation and sensitive, rational expression of the nuances of life and the states of the soul. An unsuspected horizon for seeing oneself, inventing oneself, realizing oneself, and completing oneself, without ever entirely finishing.” She invites us to seven days of recognition and recreation of our creative potential.•

  1. Creative centering Monday
    Introspection. Deal sensitively and consciously with the meaning of life, with a specific situation or emotion. Breathe, be quiet, meditate, be thankful. Stimulate interpersonal intelligence. Practice guided relaxation.
  2. Creative diet Tuesday
    Curiosity. Play with the ingredients of a recipe, try new culinary techniques, cook with someone, serve in a different way, join nutrition with pleasure. Stimulate kinesthetic-corporal intelligence.
  3. Creative habit Wednesday
    Move, change words, places, and dimension. Think fluidly, combine ideas. Analyze reality from a different perspective. Stimulate naturalistic intelligence. Think and play like a child.
  4. Creative dream Thursday
    Combine reason and intuition. Make ideas, images, and sensations visible. Substitute, combine, adapt. Consider the absurd, create utopias. Stimulate linguistic intelligence. Practice writing, drawing, and coloring dreams.
  5. Creative relationship Friday
    Recognize, legitimize, and interact with the uniqueness of the other. Strengthen trust, think about everyone, give and receive. Detect opportunities. Stimulate interpersonal intelligence. Practice listening.
  6. Creative look Saturday
    Reinvention. Take care of and express your image from within. Enjoy your body as an instrument to feel the world, living it as a space of power and freedom. Also, stimulate emotional intelligence.
  7. Creative leisure Sunday
    Reassess “free” time as an esthetic experience. Activate the senses, the creative energy. Understand playfulness, entertainment, and fun as individual and collective emotional issues. Stimulate creative intelligence.