Quick and timely care Quick and timely care

Quick and timely care

CORPORATE 2 April, 2018 Ana María López de Mesa

Our 15 self-management modules allow users to perform transactions as part of our self-service model.

Medical advisor Carlos Andrés López Mora, National Customer Experience Coordinator, Coomeva Private Healthcare

The goal of our self-service kiosks is to improve the experiences our affiliates have with the services provided by Coomeva Private Healthcare. These electronic devices allow patients to perform self-service transactions such as request medical authorizations, print a certificate of your deductions or a copy of your affiliation status, look up doctors or dentists in a directory, send comments and questions, as well as communicate with the contact center in order to receive guidance on the services this module offers.

Easy to use

“They are very similar to ATMs: they are specific locations that offer virtual customer service, making the lives of users easier, both directly and indirectly: directly, they are for those who seek efficiency, do not want to wait and do not need personal customer assistance; indirectly, they are for those who want to speak with someone in-person and find there are no waiting lines to use these devices, reducing their waiting time,” states Carlos Andrés López Mora, National Customer Experience Coordinator at  Coomeva Private Healthcare.

Currently, there are 15 of these kiosks available in Manizales, Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Pereira, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Montería, Valledupar and Cartagena. They can be accessed by entering your ID number, with a digital fingerprint or by responding to a validation question, which means less paperwork, saving you time.

With these self-service kiosks, we continue to further our strategy of providing multifaceted healthcare services. Among other initiatives, this strategy seeks to meet the needs of our users by providing state-of-the-art, technological solutions to aid in facilitating different processes and paperwork.

These kiosks are a useful option, especially when our patient service areas are congested.