Quit smoking: make it a goal Quit smoking: make it a goal


If your goal for 2017 is to stop smoking, the first step to take and most important thing you can do is establish this as a goal and then work towards completing it. 

Here are some ideas for leaving this habit behind and beginning the year smoke-free:

  • Set a start date: Write this date down on a calendar and wake up that morning with enthusiasm for fulfilling this goal.
  • Tell your loved ones, friends and co-workers about your decision: This will help you find support and help in this process.
  • Write down what you feel: Reflect on what you are feeling in a journal. Include the changes that you see in your body and how you are experiencing the process.
  • Get more exercise: It is important to sign up for a gym, go for daily walks or establish a workout routine. This will help fight the anxiety that you will first experience when you stop smoking.
  • Reward yourself: Do this as you reach different stages: at one week, one month and at two months from when you quit smoking. Reward yourself for this achievement doing what you like most: this could include getting a special meal, going on a trip, buying a book or going to the movies.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco use is the main cause of preventable disease and deaths in developed countries. Several substances are found in tobacco, the most of which are harmful to your health. Tars (benzopyrenes and nitrosamines) are especially known for their negative effects and are responsible for 30% of all types of cancers (bladder, kidney, pancreatic, stomach, etc.) and of 90% of lung cancer. Carbon monoxide is the cause of more than 15% of all cardiovascular diseases and nicotine is what causes physical dependency.


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