Quitting smoking increases weight? Quitting smoking increases weight?

When quitting this habit, an individual can increase his weight in an average of 2 to 4 kilograms during the following few months.

There are some reasons why people gain weight, and some of them are related to the way the nicotine affects the body.

The MedlinePlus Portal explains that this substance accelerates the metabolism and increases the amount of calories the body uses when in rest, approximately between 7% to 15%. Likewise, smoking reduces appetite, and this is why when this habit is quitted, the desire of eating rich calorie food increases.

The following measures can help you keeping your weight under control.

  • Performing frequent physical activity.
  • Buying healthy foods. Making a list of some of them such fruits, vegetables and low-fat yoghurt.
  • Preferring a no sugar chewing gum. This allows keeping your mouth busy without adding calories or exposing teeth to sugar.
  • Having a good sleeping hygiene.
  • Controlling the consumption of alcohol beverages and sugar added soft drinks

Take into account: if you have tried to quit smoking and fell back, a doctor can suggest you a nicotine replacement therapy. Those treatments in the form of a patch, chewing gum, nasal aerosol or inhaler provide small doses of nicotine along the day and help facilitating the transition.

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