Reading: a positive influence on our mental health Reading: a positive influence on our mental health

In addition to being an excellent way to relax, reading can be beneficial to your mental health. Find out why.

A recent study from the Yale School of Public Health examined the relationship between longevity and reading. Researchers gathered data on 3,635 people over age 50 and compared this information with their mental health over a 12-year period.

What did the results show? Those who read for over 3.5 hours a week demonstrated advantages to a greater life expectancy. The results also found that reading is essential for the mind to be able to pay attention and concentrate.

Similarly, a study published by the Autonomous University of Madrid found that this practice helps people fight distraction, as it is natural for the brain to get sidetracked with any new stimulus. This practice therefore releases the tension in the muscles and heart. In addition to this, reading strengthens neural connections, which keeps the brain in good shape as it ages, and helps protect against the clinical symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases, especially Alzheimer’s.

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