Relax your eyes to see better Relax your eyes to see better

Performing visual exercises daily can improve tensions in the eye muscles.

In the Optometry Unit of the University of Valencia, they carried out a study that shows that relaxing the eyes allows to improve the ocular focus and the ability to process visual perception.

Some relaxation practices are:

Work the approach. At a considerate distance, extend your hand and hold a pen with it, directing your gaze to the pen in order to visualize first from afar, and then do it up close. You can also do it sideways.

Combine movements with breathing. Inhale when looking from a distance and exhale when you move the pen closer. This will help to relax the mind so as not to become frustrated or bored.

Draw circles Move your eyes in one direction and then in another.

Why is it important to exercise the gaze? Excessive focusing of the eyes causes the ciliary muscle to contract when looking closely, which stresses the eyes, causing migraines, fatigue and loss of concentration.

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