Remove electronic devices from sight and get ready to sleep Remove electronic devices from sight and get ready to sleep

Looking at social media, watching series or interacting with screens before going to sleep can be symptoms of vamping. Learn what it is and how to avoid it.

Sleep quality, day-to-day performance, mental health, and even body weight are some of the things vamping affects, a new term coined to refer to the use of all types of screens in the dark before going to sleep.

This behavior, which has become an everyday habit for many, is starting to become more and more common. And although the population most affected by this behavior is young people, children have also started this practice as a result of using electronic devices from such an early age.

According to a report published on the specialized Efesalud platform, which cites a study by the University of Navarra Clinic , besides sleep, vamping also has an impact on appetite and eating habits at night, “as it increases the feeling of hunger and induces people to eat more, especially sweets.”

Also, this reduction in hours of sleep increases tiredness and inactivity, which can  affect body weight in the long term.

Doctor Angela Milan, neurologist from the Sleep Unit of the CUN, states that even the content that is consumed before sleeping, such as audio, images, and videos, as well as chats or WhatsApp groups, can result in poor rest. This is because “they can be platforms full of conflict and misunderstandings, provoking long conversations, discussions, and tensions.”

 With this in mind, the specialist offers these recommendations to mitigate or avoid making vamping a habit:

– Avoid taking electronic devices to bed and avoid using them before sleeping. Also, if possible, do not have a television in your room; banish all screens from there.

– Create rituals that calm you down or relax you before sleeping, such as taking a shower or drinking tea.

– Establish a time for digital leisure, outside evening hours.

– Leave your devices in another room where you cannot see them so you are not tempted to use them.

– Put your devices on ‘airplane mode’ or turn off Wi-Fi before sleeping so you are not tempted to check them.

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