Reprioritizing responsibilities Reprioritizing responsibilities

When you can recognize the potential of becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities, you can take the initiative to take a break along the way and prioritize your activities.

As psychologist Helda Hoyos Montoya indicates, “The amount of work that a person can handle depends on who they are and the lifestyle they lead. Those who live as a couple and with children will not have the same responsibilities as someone who is single. In addition to working, couples must meet other household obligations that require more time than someone who is single.”

If someone who has many responsibilities to attend to is not able to come to a stop, it is best for the person to seek the help of a professional to avoid greater chaos that can affect their mental health. A professional from the field of psychology will recommend techniques that allow each person to improve their wellbeing.

The first thing we ask patients to do is to organize their lives and decide what is best for them and what is not; we ask them to prioritize. This can work with cognitive behavioral therapy, which involves planning and reorganization techniques, such as eliminating things and making lists of activities,” the professional explains.

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