Respect is the key in a healthy relationship Respect is the key in a healthy relationship

Mutual good acting and feeling that the link makes them grow as individuals, two signals of a healthy relationship.

The website Healthy Children, of the American Pediatrics Academy, describes respect in a couple as an attitude in which there is confidence and the disagreements are pacifically resolved, and none of the two parties tries to control the other one. Respect is not obeying either, fear, stress and sadness sensations are the symptoms of an unhealthy relation, as well as repression, making the other party to feel guilty and possessive and jealous behaviors. It is important to clarify that there are never excuses for aggression and should not be room for intimidation, insulting or hitting the other one.

 For a more positive love

Sharing thoughts and sentiments is fundamental, in addition to listen with attention, talking about common interests and wishes, in order to know each other better. It is also advisable that each party in a couple maintains a life apart from their relation and, with an understanding attitude resolve their unconformities.

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