School bullying is not a children’s story School bullying is not a children’s story

Frequently those children who are being intimidated do not denounce it. They fear a violent reaction from their harasser or think that nobody cares.

Usually, the Nemours Foundation indicates, the minors are too ashamed to talk about it. This is why, it is important to know the signals of a school bullying or harassing:

  •  Depression, solitude or anxiety.
  •  Low self-esteem.
  •  Headaches, stomach aches or bad feeding habits.
  •  Lack of interest for going to school. Bad grades.
  •  Self-destructive behaviors, such running from home, damaging himself or talking about suicide.
  •  Unexplainable injuries.
  •  Losing or destroying cloths, books, electronic items or jewelry.
  •  Sleeping problems or frequent nightmares.
  •  Sudden loss of friends or avoiding social situations.

For parents and tutors the recommendation is to listen and focus themselves on the child, learn about what is going on and demonstrating the child that they want to help him, as well as to assure the child that such harassing is not his fault. It is basic to consider the support of specialists for treating the case and working in a team for resolving the situation. Timely control measures are necessary for counterattacking the harassment.

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