Sciatica: a condition that can be prevented with exercise Sciatica: a condition that can be prevented with exercise

It is important to understand the conditions that cause sciatica. It is not a disease, but a medical term used to describe symptoms that are triggered by other low back problems. 

For some people, these pains can range from being infrequent and irritating to being constant and debilitating, making the person feel uncappable of performing their daily activities. (See also: How to prevent and treat back pain, article in Spanish).

 According to the webpage Spine-healt, physical inactivity generally makes symptoms worse. The muscles and structures of the spine lose their shape, affecting their ability to support the back. This can cause injury or muscle strain along with other additional aches and pains.

To prevent this condition and to work towards having a healthy back, it is important engage in active exercise. Moving the body facilitates the exchange of nutrients and liquids, keeping it healthy and preventing pressure from being placed on the sciatic nerve. (See also: Prevent back injury).

A few recommendations for alleviating this pain:

  • Strengthen your core muscles: Stretching exercises for sciatica target those muscles that can hurt when they become stiff and inflexible.
  • Get a specific diagnosis: Your recovery plan should identify the root cause of the patient’s sciatica such as a herniated lumbar disc or vertebral stenosis.
  • Do aerobic exercise: Walking is a good exercise for your lower back as it provides the benefits of aerobic exercise.