Service channels in one place Service channels in one place

Via a web portal, you can choose how you want to contact us and obtain more benefits.

Accessing the health services and benefits of Coomeva Private Healthcare is easier than ever through the Contact Us and Support Channels tab on our website at In order to offer you the best possible service, we have combined all the options that are available to you in one place, so that you can find what you need more easily. They are outlined for you below.

WhatsApp line

Enabling you to use your cellphone to effortlessly fill out medical authorizations, carry out administrative procedures such as payments or certificates, and clear up any doubts you have about Covid–19.

Virtual office or app

To facilitate your access to the virtual directory of specialists, payments, authorizations and certificates, as well as our Coomeva Revista Salud journal and consultations via Dr. Felix, you can enter the virtual office through our website or download the app on your cellphone.

Dr. Felix

Making virtual medical assistance, online chat and teleguidance available to you.

Through our web portal, you can access all our services and benefits and watch the tutorials on our support channels so that you know how they work. Our goal to look after you and your loved ones, because we’re more than just healthcare plans!