Sexomnia, sleep sex Sexomnia, sleep sex

Sexomnia, sleep sex

Special 2 November, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

Sexomnia is an uncommon but real sleep disorder in which a person engages in sexual relations while asleep, and yet do not remember such event once awake.

As its causes may also be similar to those of other types of sleepwalking, the International Classification of Sleep Disorders categorizes sexomnia, also known as sleep sex, as belonging to the group of parasomnias (sleep disorders that are associated with brief or partial episodes of being awake).

According to the webpage, the first person to detect this condition is normally the partner of the individual that is affected by it upon observing its characteristic symptoms: masturbation, moans and approaching their partner to engage in sexual intercourse, generally in an aggressive manner.

As with the rest of these types of sleep disorders, sexomnia occurs in varying degrees. Episodes can range from uttering sex noises to masturbating or even to having sex. The disorder can be treated with pharmaceuticals and through therapy, always with a specialist, but results vary greatly among patients.

A specialist from the Quitónsalud University Hospital in Madrid, explains that susceptibility to sleepwalking is inherited and clarifies that the disorder occurs during childhood and tends to go away during adolescence or in adulthood, which means that the development of one’s growth influences how this condition manifests. Other circumstances such as stress and lack of sleep can also be involved in its occurrence.

Sleepwalking is when the body is awake but the mind is not.