Should children use headphones? Should children use headphones?

For some parents, having children use headphones may seem to be the best option to avoid hearing television or music. The recommendation is to avoid them, however.

This is the recommendation of the Colombian Pediatrics Society, which explains that presbycusis (early onset hearing loss) is the main consequence of headphone use.

“The risk of hearing loss from listening to music depends on how loud it is, and for how long and how often you are exposed to that noise and volume,” the organization explains. Even if children do not use them regularly, the danger is that this practice can turn into a habit which increases during adolescence and adulthood and ends up affecting hearing permanently.

Even in adults, reducing the volume and amount of time headphones are used is recommended to protect hearing. “Some experts are advocates of the 60/60 rule: never exceed 60% of the volume of the music device and do not listen to music with headphones for more than 60 minutes a day,” states the Colombian Pediatrics Society. This is an easy way to prevent a problem that is affecting people at an increasingly younger age.

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