Should you eat fruit before or after you exercise? Should you eat fruit before or after you exercise?

Eating fruit either before or after you exercise has two different affects. Learn what they are.

As the Spain Center for Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs (Pronaf, spanish acronym) explains on its webpage, fruits contain the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help repair the worn-out muscles and joints that physical activity can cause.

Pronaf recommends eating them after you exercise, “This is because there may be a sudden drop in your blood sugar when you work out, which can cause premature fatigue and prevents you from performing your sports activity properly.”

For example, with cardiovascular exercises, watermelon is the fruit that is recommended to keep the body hydrated, “It is the best option to replenish the body after heavy exertion, due to the amount of sugar it contains,” as the Pronaf webpage states.

In general, the World Health Organization recommends having a minimum of two servings of fruit a day as part of healthy eating.

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