Simultaneously dancing and exercising simultaneously is indeed possible Simultaneously dancing and exercising simultaneously is indeed possible

Moving the body by dancing implies exercising your heart and strengthening your bones and muscles.

This is an activity in which the individual simultaneously performs an amusing exercise. Other benefits from this practice, indicates the portal MedlinePlus, is providing a better balance and coordination, decrease the risk of dementia, control the stress, have more energy and a more positive mood.

Take into account that the exercise an individual performs when dancing depends on the type of the style, he/she practices and the amount of time he/she devotes thereto. For example, ballroom dancing is a moderate exercise, approximately the same level of exercise he/she would make when strongly walking or making aerobic exercises in the water. The more intense dances, such as salsa are compared to a routine of running or swimming, in which you can burn up 500 calories per hour.

If you are still far away from such a world, start looking for courses at a dancing school, health clubs (gyms) and community centers and register at a beginner’s course, in order to reduce the risk of suffering injuries. In the extent your skills increase and your physical condition improves, you will be ready for more advanced courses or for adding new routines.

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