Six important tips before you travel Six important tips before you travel

If your vacation destination is outside the country, consider taking the following recommendations into account.

The website of the American Academy of Family Physicians offers a few tips to get the most out of your trips abroad in a safe and healthy way.

  1. Check to see if you need vaccines or booster shots for your trip. Remember, there are some vaccines that take six weeks to take affect after they are applied.
  2. Get a medical and dental checkup before you travel. If you need medications, make sure to bring them in their original containers and to take your prescription with you.
  3. Be careful with what you eat. Choose foods that are well cooked to avoid getting traveler’s diarrhea.
  4. Make sure your water bottles are sealed, or drink hot or carbonated beverages. Avoid having ice.
  5. Be sure to have health insurance and know what the local emergency phone numbers are.
  6. Pack a first aid kit in your bag.

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