Skin wrinkled by water has its advantages Skin wrinkled by water has its advantages

Skin wrinkled by water has its advantages

Prevention 9 August, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Have you ever had ‘prune fingers’? Do the tips of your fingers or toes ever get wrinkly from soaking them in water for too long?

If your answer was yes, then do not worry. According to the Kidshealth website, this is a normal reaction that occurs due to the lack of sebum on your skin -an oily matter that protects and lubricates it- after spending too much time in a pool, for example.

However, a study conducted by the British Royal Society published in the magazine Biology Letters, went a step further and discovered that this reaction can actually have a series of advantages: being able to grasp wet objects or objects under water more easily. The study compared the wrinkles on our fingers and skin to the grip of a tire under wet conditions.

The scientific or evolutionary explanation of the initial question is that the wrinkles will disappear on their own once the skin is out of the water and can recover its body temperature. The general recommendation is that you use moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Amongst its main functions, our skin is in charge of protecting our body against external factors like bacteries, chemical substances and temperature.