Some tips for a suitable tooth brushing Some tips for a suitable tooth brushing

Since the 6 months of age, a suitable size tooth brush and dental cream with flour should be used for mouth hygiene purposes.

In all ages, the dental cream should be used in quantities lower than the size of a lentil, spreading it on all tooth sides, eliminating cream excesses, but without making abundant washouts with water, in order to allow the flour to perform its topical effect, in accordance with the basic recommendations given by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia. In addition, the entity insists, it is necessary to avoid going to bed with residues of food in the mouth, because during sleeping periods the production of saliva is reduced, which favors the proliferation of microorganisms that give rise to diseases such as dental caries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises to brush our teeth at least twice a day. And the American Dental Association makes reference about how important it is to clean between teeth using floss once a day, and better before tooth brushing. Different bodies devoted to buccal hygiene around the world, also coincide that tooth brushing should last at least two minutes.

The best way to brush your teeth

The Spanish Dental Foundation reports that several institutions “have recommended different tooth-brushing techniques: with or without tilting, circular, vertical, from the gum to the tooth, etc., but none of them has demonstrated to be better than the others. In fact, the WHO doesn’t make any recommendation either in respect to such technique”. This is why, the best thing is allowing the dentist to assist you, as it is him/her who shall supervise, at least twice a year, the buccal health of each one of us.

In any case, it is indispensable to brush the outer and inner surfaces, as well as the chewing surfaces, without forgetting the tongue. This Foundation adds that it is better to follow a specific order: starting on one side and finishing on the other, for the purpose of not disattending any zone.

Warning: a good tooth-brushing or a suitable use of floss is not based on strength or pressure; as roughness can damage the gums.

In general, although depending on the type of brush, it should be replaced each two or three months, because this tool losses its effectiveness when worn.

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