Soy with extensive nutritional benefits Soy with extensive nutritional benefits


In sauce, oil, beans, milk and even flour, you can find the soybean seal, originating in China. An opportunity to consume it, make it part of your daily life and experience its nutritional benefits.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization have established that soy protein contains all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities to meet the protein intake requirements to satisfy the needs of every human being.

“Soy is part of the group of key nutrients for the repair of our cells, tissues and organs. It is advisable to include it in a varied, healthy diet, in addition to being an option for those who, due to their health and ideology, consume less meat, because soy can replace it. Among other benefits, it provides the body with vitamins and minerals, and contributes to the health of your heart and arteries,” said Guadalupe Esquivel, nutritionist, specializing in the Methodology of Science.

This is how gastronomy has gradually come to acclaim this legume and, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Paraguay, Canada and Bolivia, the countries with the highest production of this plant, are strengthening agricultural movements with the idea of disseminating its role as a crop that is sustainable and healthy, with high protein content. So it is an opportunity for you to include it in your diet and find the easiest way to make it part of your life.