Sparkling water, another option to stay hydrated Sparkling water, another option to stay hydrated

Many people prefer it because it’s refreshing, others because it’s a way to reduce their consumption of soda.

 Water is the quintessential drink for hydration, and sparkling water is also a valid option, according to Ana María Uribe Ochoa, doctor and surgeon from the University of Antioquia, with a master’s degree in human nutrition. “Each person is different, and even though studies do not show an association between the consumption of sparkling water and certain ailments or diseases, it is best to look at individual cases.” Each person can recognize if they experience discomfort such as heartburn or abdominal bloating when drinking it. If this is the case, it is best to control your consumption of sparkling water.”

“The recommendation is not for the whole world to go out and drink sparkling water. In moderation it is good. It is not harmful and it is a good way to stay hydrated.” On average, an adult should drink two liters of water per day, but “drinking two liters of sparkling water per day would be an exaggeration,” states Uribe.

However, Uribe clarifies that other carbonated drinks are flavored and have sweeteners you should avoid. Also, the World Health Organization insists on reducing the consumption of sugary drinks to lower the risk of obesity around the world.

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