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Colombian Olympic swimmer Camilo Becerra tells us how this discipline marked his path. 

Since I was a little boy, I have liked water. My parents tell me that I was always in the pool. Swimming came to my life as something very innate, which in addition to my natural love for swimming, my father and great uncle were also swimmers, so I always had those examples. From my experience I can say that sports gave me the opportunity to educate myself, spend time with people from many cultures, broaden my horizons, and improve my abilities to relate to others.

In addition, this practice instills values such as discipline, healthy competition, tolerating frustration, and resilience. When you grow up, all of these values and lessons can be transferred to both professional and personal environments. They are essential abilities and are relevant every day. I think that sports, no matter which one, are fundamental for the development of individuals who are conscientious about their health and maintaining good habits that provide long-term benefits.

If your family and school emphasize the importance of doing physical activity, you will practice it with more desire and more love. And for many young people, for example, sports is a way to distance themselves from other activities that could harm them. For this reason, sports also influence the development of a society, because in the long run, athletes are healthy people concerned with their wellbeing.

I especially highlight swimming because it is my passion. It is one of the most complete disciplines, with fewer injuries involved, and can be practiced for nearly your entire life. But the invitation is for new generations to fall in love with sports and feel encouraged to practice whichever they like the best.

Sports activity is important for the formation of personal values and for the development of a society.

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