Starting the year with a diet? Starting the year with a diet?

After new year’s celebrations, people often think of beginning a diet that helps them loose those extra pounds. 
Some people often want to do a detox, limit what they eat for several days or hope for a miracle. What our bodies need instead, however, is to return to a balanced and healthy diet.

There are many reasons behind this. First, people who go on diets that restrict them from eating a large quantity of foods that they would normally consume, end up giving up on the diet in the first few weeks. Those that seek to eliminate toxins from the body through laxatives or by only consuming fruit and vegetable smoothies end up doing more harm to their bodies as they eliminate the nutrients that are needed for the body to function properly. The body is also already designed to detoxify itself on an ongoing basis. Lastly, the idea that maintaining a diet is only a temporary sacrifice is what prevents people from improving their diet as a way of life.

The Colombian Nutrition and Diet Academy states that as long as your portion-control is managed, a diet can include any type of food. This is the benefit of having a balanced diet, where the different food groups are represented at the right proportions. Eating three main meals a day and two snacks in-between, and including five servings of fruits and vegetables all contribute to a healthier and more beneficial diet.

While carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, yucca, bread, crackers, etc.) are important sources of energy, it is best to ration some of these to prevent eating them in excess as they add a high amount of starch and sugar to our diets.

Set goals that are reachable, be aware of your portion-control, include drinks that hydrate your body and that help you feel full, engage in physical activity and you will see how your body will return to its original state.